Solo Styling Foundations

Do You Want to Learn the Secrets of Cuban Salsa Solo Styling?

In Solo Styling Foundations, you will learn:

  • Make Your Salsa Basic Step Look 3X Better (by Changing Little Details)
  • How to Move Your Arms, Shoulders and Upper Body Naturally
  • The “Advanced Triangle-Basic Step” That Makes You Look More Dynamic
  • My “Secret Method” For Learning New Steps in HALF the Time
  • The Most Essential Cuban “Party-Steps” That Every Dancer MUST know 
  • Dancing to the Beat of the Clave (Instead of the “European” Count)
  • Shift-Technique to Change Between Salsa Basic and Advanced Steps
  • Fool-Proof Method to Feel More Confident When You Dance
  • How Movements Are Rooted in Cuban Culture (and Why You Need to Know Them)
  • 3 Hours of Detailed Instructions (5-6 Hours Including Practice Time).


  • Get Personalized Feedback on a 5-Minute Dance Video of Yourself
  • Chat-Questions: Any Questions While You’re Learning? Send a Message to David & You Will Get an Answer within 24 hours.

Investment: 44.90 EUR

There is a 100%-money-back guarantee on this course. If you don’t like it, I will refund you and you get to keep the access. You can literally check it out at ZERO risk.