Join a Salsa-Class to Meet New People, Connect with Your Partner & Turn Normal Weekdays Into an Adventure

Being part of a Salsa class will make you happy if…

You want to be more social and connect to amazing new people. Salsa is an effortless way to socialize and make friends, without awkwardness or pretending to be somebody you’re not.

Watching “Salseros” dance at a Club or on social media inspires you. You have imagined yourself dancing in ecstasy and spinning around with your partner and now you want to make it happen.

You love salsa music. When you walk past a bar playing latino beats, you just start feeling it.

You hope to meet your future boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe you’re a bit shy, and Salsa seems to be an easy way to look around…without going on uncomfortable dates.

You and your partner a looking for a shared activity. You want to spend quality time growing together. Dance is guaranteed to bring more intimacy into your life.

You hate sports and want to find a way to stay in shape without boring gym workouts or having to diet. A night of dancing can burn as many calories as a half-marathon.

Hi, I am David!

I will help you to dance beautiful Salsa and become an attractive dancer fast (without risking embarrassment or feelings of insecurity).

To start your salsa journey now, have a look at upcoming classes here.

Are you a bit nervous about taking your first salsa class?

Salsa beginners are often a little nervous when they join their first class. But don’t worry. You will be in a 100% safe environment where you can try your new moves with ease and humor.

Our tested teaching system is designed specifically for you who doesn’t feel like a natural dancer. The promise: you NEVER have to feel silly, clumsy, or left-behind (like we often do in sports classes).

If you believe you’re stiff or inflexible…you will get our “Dance Like a Cuban in 4 Hours-tools” that work every time.

salsa in gothenburg

“I can honestly say that I have learned more during two months of workshops with David than I have taking classes for YEARS before.”

– Sofia Calles Duarte

You will also meet a bunch of AMAZING PEOPLE. Most Salsa students become friends and end up hanging out outside of class. (Once we helped somebody get married!)

After every-class, you will feel proud about getting better. You will double your confidence in only a few hours–GUARANTEED.

And before you know it, you will be one of the most attractive dancers in the community. People will seek your presence and be super excited to dance with you.

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