Salsa Private Classes

(Available online or face-to-face in Sweden)

“In addition to the fact that David is an amazing dancer, his great strength how good he is at analyzing movement. He can really bring out the best in you regardless of level. With peace and security, David creates a safe zone and is a great teacher, so you feel challenged and comfortable at the same time.” – Nicole R.

In this dark room in Havana, I took over 200+ private classes when I was learning Salsa.

In my group classes, spend hours correcting my students “bad habits” which they learned due to a lack of guidance. All of this could be avoided or fixed with a few privates classes.

Most expert Salsa dancers even go as far as to say that one single private class is “worth” several group classes.

Why Salsa Private Classes are so Effective

  • The difference between learning in a group and one-on-one with a teacher is the amount of direct feedback and attention you get.
  • In a safe environment, we will identify and address the blocks that keep you from being the best dancer you can be!
  • You will receive tactful and constructive feedback while maintaining a steady flow of dance.
  • Many students report having had “AHA-moments” during one-on-one sessions, they have insights on how to move better.

If you are motivated to learn salsa, there is no better way for you to get better than to work with a teacher directly.

Do Online Salsa Private Classes Work?

Maybe you worry that you need be in the same room as your salsa teacher to learn…

I admit it’s slightly easier to copy when you have the person next to you. 

But when we have a proper video setup, it works like a charm. You will get personalized feedback and tailored explanations for YOUR sticking-points.

An old salsa buddy recently send me a 2-minute dance video of himself and asked for my feedback.

Here is what he said about my response: “Oh man, David these are sick observations and tips …You summarized everything beautifully, all the things that I suspected to be wrong in my dancing…”

A visual is all I need to help you improve your salsa moves! 


1 Hour: 600SEK (60 EUR/USD)

5 Hours: 2750SEK = 550SEK per hour (55 EUR/USD) 

10 Hours: 5000SEK = 500SEK per hour (50 EUR/USD) 

Are you ready to book your first Salsa Private class?

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