Cuban Salsa Online Courses for Improvers

Some people aren’t sure about learning salsa online. They worry that it’s different from working with a teacher in person.

The truth is: it’s different. But there are LOTS of advantages with salsa online courses.

  • You will have access to your class FOREVER. You can pause, re-watch, and go back to the steps that challenge you.
  • NOBODY who is watching you at home. You can really focus on our steps, and can forget about anyone judging you. No embarrassment, no insecurity.
  • You’re investing in your future as a dancer. To get better and have more fun dancing, repetition is CRUCIAL.
  • Practicing with salsa online courses re-enforces your commitment to become the best dancer you can be.
  • Online courses provide opportunity for “focused practice”–the type that can easily 5x your learning speed.

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“I enjoyed the Online Classes a lot. I LOVE dancing at home. I really like David’s style of teaching, especially for us Europeans.”

– Mandy Muller

Learn the Nuts & Bolts of Elegant Cuban Salsa Walking to Look Smooth on the Dancefloor

  • Turn Up Your Elegance with 10+ Caminala-Variations
  • Become a Please to Dance with by Understanding the Art of Smooth Connection
  • Become the Most-Watched Couple on the Dancefloor.

39.90 EUR

Dance With Confidence As You Show Off Your Salsa Styling (Beginner/Improver)

Learn more

44.90 EUR

Impress Everyone On The Dancefloor by Showing of Your Solo-Moves (All Levels)

Learn more

44.90 EUR

Take Total Control of Your Body-Movement. Highly-effective Tools That Will Make You Dance More Cuban Instantly (All Levels)

Learn More

57.90 EUR

Simple Techniques That Make You Look Like A Boss on the Dance Floor (Improvers)

(This course is equivalent to 4 hours of live salsa classes.)

  • Easy-to-follow concepts that help you look better when you dance immediately.
  • Develop a salsa basic step that’s awesome to look at.
  • Feel competent in your moves so that you can relax and start feeling confident.

39.90 EUR

“I can honestly say that I have learned more during two months of workshops with David than I have taking classes for YEARS before.”

– Sofia Calles Duarte

Study This Longer Solo Sequence To Learn How to Connect Amazing Moves (Intermediate)

(This course equals about 2 hours of live salsa-classes. )

16.90 EUR

Cuban Salsa Footwork That Will Leave Your Dance Partner in Awe (Intermediate)

16.90 EUR

“David’s students always leave class completely satisfied! He is one of the most dedicated dance-teachers I know.” 

– Jessie Spangberg”

Understand How Cuban Salsa Works Using a Specific Song-Choreography as Example (Intermediate)

16.90 EUR

“Salsa Learning-Techniques” to Go From Beginner to Professional Teacher Level in Less than 3 Years. (All Levels)

Learn More

19.90 EUR

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