“I love to attend David’s workshops. David is very dedicated to his craft and teaches with a lot of passion and competence. There’s a great energy in the room and I always leave his workshops looking forward to the next one!” – Michael Wernersson

David has studied Cuban Salsa and Afro Cuban dances in Havana from some of the best Cuban dancers in the world. Before leaving Cuba, he was offered a spot in the dance team of 1830, Havana’s most popular salsa club. From 2018 to 2020, he has travelled all over Europe, attending international congresses and exploring the dance communities of most major cities.

David has given 120+ Weekend-Salsa-Workshops all over Sweden, Denmark, and Germany, teaching more than 2000 students. 

David holds a Masters degree in Psychology and loves making hard-to-learn things easy. His mission when teaching is to make every student feel safe, comfortable and confident while helping them to learn beautiful Salsa.

Any questions? Contact me directly on Facebook, Instagram or david(at)salsaofsweden.com