Body Movement Mastery

Do You Want to Learn How to Move Your Body Like a Cuban?

In Body-Movement Mastery you will learn:

  • Highly-Effective Exercises to Improve Your Body-Movement
  • How to Roll Your Shoulders (Method Tested on 1000+ Students)
  • Shimmy-Mastery: Shaking Your Shoulders Has Never Been Easier
  • The Perfect Chest-Pumping-Movement-Technique
  • Hip Control Revealed (Never Stiff Again!)
  • The Essential “Zombie-Step” (Your Dance-Partner Will Be Shocked)
  • DESPELOTE: The Crazy Full-Body Movement EVERY Salsa Dancer Must Know
  • Isolation-Hacks to Move Different Body-Parts Like a Cuban
  • Upper Body Circles That Will Make You Rock Every Salsa-Song
  • Full Body Warm-Up & Practice-Routine for Body-Movement Mastery
  • The Hidden Connection Between Body-Movement and Cuban Culture
  • 2,5 Hours of Detailed Instructions (5-6 Hours Including Practice Time).


  • Get Personalized Feedback on a 5-Minute Dance Video of Yourself
  • Chat-Questions: Any Questions While You’re Learning? Send a Message to David & You Will Get an Answer within 24 hours.

57.90 EUR

There is a 100%-money-back guarantee on this course. If you don’t like it, I will refund you and you get to keep the access. You can literally check it out at ZERO risk.

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