How to Dance Salsa Like a Cuban

Let me ask you this:

Have you ever wondered why advanced dancers seem to know exactly what to do at all times? 

Are you sometimes insecure about what to do when you are dancing solo — especially when there is a mirror in front of you?

I’m only half-joking. My Cuban dance teacher had to constantly remind me to stop looking on the floor because I didn’t want to look at myself!
In other words, I know exactly what it feels like. 

I’ve been there. 

When I started dancing 3 years ago, I was constantly NERVOUS about whether my partner enjoying their dance. 

I used to apologize a lot mid-dancing. I simply couldn’t let go. But it was worse than that…

When I looked at my mirror image during dance class, I thought: “Who is this body!? Why doesn’t it move the way I want it to move!?”

I HATE to SUCK at things. So I set out on a mission: I was going to learn to dance like a Cuban.

I went to Cuba to study, and the first month I asked literally 3 women to dance. I was so afraid.

As time went on and I continued to learn — thank god — my dancing improved.

And one night, this Cuban dancer (who was really good himself!) came up to me to give me a compliment. 

Then another one did. Another night, a Cuban man my age asked me to dance with his girlfriend because he could’t…

And then the magic question appeared in my life: “ARE YOU CUBAN?”

Suddenly, dancing tourists in Havana asked me whether I was Cuban (despite my blond curly hair!)

But it wasn’t about the looks.

Do you ever look at Cuban dancers in admiration for the FEELING they express in dancing?

Why can they dance with so much SOUL – as if they knew something that you don’t understand?

How they just seem to have an intuitive understanding of the music.That’s what I was starting to learn. I started to find the SECRET of Cuban dancing.

I’ve also met other Europeans who made it through the “awkward-dancing” phase…

I am sure you are familiar someone like that. 

You know, the guy, who has been dancing at your local dance school for 5 years? His hair keeps getting thinner, but the dancing stays the SAME.

Through teaching Cuban salsa to different people all over Europe, I’ve figured out what works best for NON-CUBANS.

Don’t tell anyone. 

But there is a SECRET TRICK to get dancers from “okay” (or worse)to a really good level. 
I’ve distilled these core principles that worked for myself and countless other non-latino dancers.

Remember: you are learning from somebody who has been going from full-European (you know; stiff and everything) to what you are looking at now. — in less than 3 years.
Because I’m NOT Cuban, I was forced to learn the hard way…
Body-Movement Mastery is the result of this struggle.

I designed this course to be like a fool-proof method for better dancing. 

It’s the thing that I WISH I would have had earlier in my dance-journey.
Inside, you will learn the best kept secrets on how to gain control over your shoulders, hips and arms. 

This will add elegance & style to your dancing — to look even better on the dance floor.
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