Arrogant Dance-Teacher Knows the Secret to Becoming a Better Salsa-Dancer

You won’t believe what just happened to me.

I just went through my old-notes, and I found something I just had to share with you:

“You have to feel like you’re the KING when you’re dancing! Like you are the BEST.”

(That’s a quote by my private teacher in Havana).

I know what you’re thinking…

How is that going to help you to be a better dancer?

Let me tell you one of the absolute secrets of Cuban salsa that almost no one talks about.

Cuban salsa is 50% attitude and 50% technique. Read that again.

HALF of what makes a good Cuban salsa-dancer is the their ATTITUDE.

The problem with most Europeans is that they simply lack the “swag” of Cubans. 

They have a hard time being flirty, cocky, to express the FEELING that you see in real dancers

Does that strike a chord? Do you feel that I am perhaps talking about you? 

YOU tell me! (But I am definitely talking about myself when I just started dancing.)

However, before we can even start to work on different expressions in your dance, we need one thing: CONFIDENCE.

That’s what my teacher meant when he asked me to “feel like a KING” (or a QUEEN, if you’re a woman).

Now obviously, it boosts your confidence if you feel SECURE in your movements, and that’s what my courses are for…

but independent of that, you need to cultivate the right attitude — proactively!

— If you’re a man, you’re want to feel a bit like a King, like you own the dance-floor and you have the “best moves”.

— If you’re a woman, you want to feel like you’re a Queen (or Goddess), the sexiest woman around and you know it.

So start with that: Next time you dance, or even practice, try to give it some attitude. Stop beating yourself up for a second, and try to at least imagine, that you’re a KING/QUEEN — regardless of whether you are dancing on a dance floor, your kitchen or living room.

Not having this mindset is one of the most common mental blocks for my students, so start practicing it NOW!

P.S. Obviously, confidence needs to be based on something. Knowing that your movement is on point, for example. If you struggle feeling this kind of confidence, I’ll show you something else that could help you soon.