Introducing a Mind-Hack to Learn Salsa Styling Effectively

You know, when I first started learning solo-steps, it was a struggle.

I remember going to my first salsa festival…my body was INCAPABLE of copying the teacher’s movement!

After the lesson, he asked some students to join him for the video people would be recording of the steps.

I was just AMAZED! Some people actually managed to remember all the moves — after only one hour!

Obsessed with learning as I am, I went up to one of these students and asked how he’d done it.

And this is the advice I got: 

“When you are learning steps, try to imagine the movement in your own mind. Try to look at the teacher as little as possible.”

I applied this method immediately. It helped A LOT. 

This is why I am passing this advice on to you. 

If you are having troubles following some of the steps I’m teaching in Solo Styling Foundations (or dance classes in general), try this:

  1. Focus on the steps I show you, then close your eyes and try to seem them in front of your inner eye. 
  2. If it doesn’t work the first time, go back to the video and re-watch.
  3. Then, as you practice, try to look less at the screen. Stay in your own body with your attention. How does it feel to do a certain movement? Where to you need to relax your muscles, and which body parts are you flexing?

It’s very difficult for people to create something that they cannot vividly SEE in their minds first.